“What love is” – Mohit Vamsi


Love is a mother’s selflessness,
how she sacrifices all for her children, day in, day out.
The purest form of love.

It is that glint in your eyes when you meet
a cherished friend from across the country after half an year.

Love is in the shy glances and silly smiles of a first crush,
When the world seems new and the possibilities infinite.

Love is your best friend, your partner in crime, your refuge;
the one you trust your secrets with,
and the one who has your back at all times.

Love is the euphoric feeling when you’ve conquered a mountain,
sailed the seas or crossed a forest.
It is the petrichor on a rainy day,
with the rain drops patterning and the cold wind caressing your soul.

Love is in the calm you experience in the company of your lover,
on a candlelight dinner, on a walk by the sea.

Love is that hot cup of Maggi with friends,
when you’re tired and cold on a long journey.
Those snacks and coffee mom makes for her kids
on nights of exhausting study.

Love is when you paint, dance and sing.
When you play football or just read a book on a summer day.

Love, is also in the pangs of separation,
A friend moving away, a kin no more.
In the inexplicable longing for a special someone,

Love is beautiful and crazy, love is delicate and strong.
Sometimes love might hurt,
Wrench your heart and make everything seem futile.

I only wish to tell you, dear friend.
Never be afraid to love.
Fall in love with your dreams, thoughts, hobbies.
Fall in love with family, friends and people you admire.
Fall in love with the whole world,
Fall in love with yourself.
And if sometime, you feel cheated, defeated in life and all love lost;
don’t give up. Ever.
Just go fall in love again.
Love is in the little things, and in the grand moments.
It is vast and infinite like the ocean,
It is also small and colorful like a bubble.
Love is where our heart is happy,
It is what we feel when we really live.