“Phoenix” – Mohit Vamsi


This planet, needs a better class of humans.
This planet needs thinkers and dreamers and writers,
This planet needs people like you, dear friend.

Are a writer, a dreamer, a fighter, a creator.
And you, dear friend are a Phoenix.
Burn in your passion,
Light up the whole dark world,
Be the lantern, the lighthouse.
The fire of life.
Then rise.
Rise from your ashes,
Reinvent, reincarnate.
Spread your wings and take to the skies.
Fly, fly above the clouds,
Across nations and worlds.
No fences no walls,
There’s no shackles on your ankles,
And there’s no cage to hold you back,

You are pure energy,
Like the fire, bright and brilliant,
Let your words be strong,
And fierce like daggers
Rise above all the oppression.

Are an artist,
The words are your colors,
The pen, your brush,
And the paper your canvas.
Paint away without any care or worries,
Never let the music die,
Don’t ever let the words stop flowing.
Always, keep the fire alive,
For you, my friend, are a Phoenix.




Featured image: © www.cobainaja.xyz