“A New Year Tale” – Mohit Vamsi


The city,
Decked in rainbow colors,
And happy people.
The crowd, all immersed,
In festive spirit and new hope.
People talking, singing;
Laughing and dancing,
For ’twas the New year’s eve.

The girl,
Dressed in red,
Glowing, like the rising sun,
And hair, dark as the eyes of night,
Falling to her shoulders in gorgeous curls.
Butterflies in her stomach,
A tornado of fears and possibilities,
All fighting for attention.
Hidden, under the mask of calm,
And a sweet smile.

The boy,
Dapper in black,
A glint in his eyes,
Brown, like warm dark chocolate.
A tsunami of emotions in his heart,
Desperately trying to find,
The right words to say.
He stood, light-headed,
Knees weak with nervousness,
And a red gladioli in hand.

A pretty pair of love birds,
Two pieces of a perfect puzzle,
Lost in the depths of love’s eyes,
A roller-coaster climb before the fall,
The calm before the storm,
The silence was lovely too.
And then the clock struck midnight.

“I Love You” he whispered
“And I Love you” she smiled.
And they kissed.

There were fireworks in the sky,
An explosion of colors,
Warm, in love’s embrace,
Tiny bursts of sparks spread,
And enveloped them in electrified air.
That precious moment,
It felt like an eternity.
Their souls had met,
In delicate young love.

And that is a tale,
Of new beginnings, promises,
And New found Love.
Indeed, a Happy New Year!

Featured image: ©weheartit.com