Dear favorite person” – Mohit Vamsi


Dear favorite person,
My best friend forever.
You are home to me,
And my place of peace.
Yet you are a cause
Of constant confusion.
Oh how do I say,
That which evades me.
What you are to me,
I cannot put into words.
If only I could pluck my thoughts,
And lay them out for you to see,
Like a garland made of,
The flowers of my mind.
If only you’d allow me,
To bare my soul then I’d do it,
A painting framed and showcased.
I wish for time to be with you
To talk to you of things and stuff.
And what if we have no words to share,
The silence will do just as well.
For being with you is what I wish,
Your warm company,
That reassuring presence
Is life fulfilled,
Dear favorite person,
You are home to me.




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