“People” – Mohit Vamsi


In this little world,
There are as many kinds of people,
As there are grains of sand on a shore,
Or leaves on a tree,
Or as many drops in an ocean,
And none quite the same.
Some are stars, that glow,
Spreading light and warmth,
Ever burning with energy,
They stand out and shine.
And some are planets,
These are just there,
Doing the same thing,
Year after year,
Round and round and round.
Then there are the satellites,
Even more banal,
Going around in intricate curves,
No way of their own, Bound,
Without any aim or ambition.
Some are comets,
They are fleeting,
Fair weather friends, visitors.
Some are meteors,
A one-time act,
They come and burn, shine and fade away.
Memorable, yet forgotten.
And then the black holes,
Those who suck away,
All energy and light,
And leave you empty and weak.

Who am I? you ask.
I am the all observing,
All including, Never ending, Ever expanding,
Vast, vacant, vivid, vibrant Space.
I observe, understand and remember.
A wallflower, a lantern.

But this is not about them or me.
This is about those pulsars,
And those supernovae,
That every minute, every second,
Explode and radiate,
And create and destroy.
Those wildflowers and vagabonds,
The rapids and waterfalls.
The free spirits, the thinkers,
Like volcanoes and thunderstorms,
They are free, fierce, and formidable.
People who dare to imagine,
Dream beyond the horizon,
And do the impossible.
Those who live in the moment,
And squeeze the joy,
Out of every second that life offers.

They are the best kind of people,
Those are the kind of people I love,
They are the ones that change the world.
They are the ones who truly live.

Featured image: © www.nasa.gov