“Come my dear friend” – Mohit Vamsi


Come my dear friend,
Let’s vanish for a while.
Leave this world,
And all its noise behind.

Let us go some place quiet,
And cool and light.
To a solitary sandy beach,
Or a rocky mountain stretch.

Talk to me about life,
And all its complexities,
How the clouds look familiar,
And the stars form patterns.

Let us dance in the monsoon rain,
And build campfires in the dark forest,
Chase butterflies in the colorful valleys,
And admire the dance of the fireflies.

Why the snow is white,
And night so dark.
Why the good so rare,
And bad everywhere?

Let us together untangle,
This bundle of thread called life,
And find answers to what,
Our purpose on this blue globe is.

Come my dear friend,
Let’s vanish for a while.
Let the world succumb to its troubles,
Together, we can be infinite.

Featured image: © petapixel.com