“If you were a book…” – Mohit Vamsi


If you were a book,
It would,
Be the Best one in the whole big world,
I imagine, with a Scarlett case,
And your name embossed in Gold,
A beautiful tale on fragrant pages,
Special, Unique, One of a kind.

If you were a book,
I would, cover it with Care,
Protect it with my Life,
And Love it with all my Heart,
I would, talk to it,
And make it Happy,
Give it a Hug whenever it feels lonely,
Or Sing a song to Cheer it up.

If you were a book,
I would, start my day reading it,
Go on a walk with it, every morning,
In the evenings, have coffee with it,
And when night falls, tuck it cozily in,
Kiss it good night, and wish sweet dreams.

If you were a book,
I would, want it all to myself,
Keep it close to me, real close,
Read it alone, on a rainy day,
Under a tree, on a lazy afternoon,
By the lake, under the starry sky,
Get lost in its pages,
An Adventure, a Mystery,
Into a Beautiful Infinity…

If you were a book, If only…



Featured image: © www.deeprootsathome.com